Final Project-Dear diary

For my final project, I made a diary using cardboard.I also added sticky notes and a diary entry.I n the middle, I made little houses with flowers and leaves coming out of the windows and in the other one we can see a beach inside through the window. My idea was to show that how nature... Continue Reading →


Final project proposal

All my projects are related to my country or culture.For my final project I would like to continue working on same theme .I have seen completely two different culture, different food, lifestyle,festivals and what not.Everything is different but I think beauty of nature is distributed equally in both the places.Through my project I want to... Continue Reading →

Life size full body portrait -Critique

My favourite part about drawing are portraits.It needs a lot of observation and skills to make one.I did a good job making all the proportions of the body and perspective too.I also like the use of white charcoal to show all the highlights and lighter parts of the body.Looking at all the other drawings my... Continue Reading →

Final video proposal

My final video project is going to be ANTI MAKEUP TUTORIAL which reflects my inner self and the beauty within .I wish to play with paint expressing love, gratitude and peace.Because my idea is not so narrative I'd put dialogue in the background so that viewers get idea about what I am going for.

Self portrait-Critiques

I really enjoy making portraits.I found it to be more challenging than any other assignments given during the semester.My observation has improved a lot.I did a good job with shadows giving the value to my face and also drawing  my features.I also had fun using different mediums and having a concept behind my assignment made... Continue Reading →

Critique – assignment 9(mixed medium)

I has fun experimenting with mediums.In the beginning ,when I was working on my first drawing my technique of putting value was very tight or I would say traditional.I wasn't sure about expressionism but as I was moving towards the end slowly I got the hand of the assignment and my drawings became more abstract.I... Continue Reading →

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